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If you travel to Greek islands such as Mykonos and Santorini, you will find custom embroidered and woven Aelia Anna Pestemals at exclusive hotels, beach bars, restaurants and shops. Their embroidered and woven logos give each establishment a more luxurious and organised feeling and set them apart from the rest.

Custom embroidered logos are the perfect accompaniment to your Pestemal purchase because they will give your Pestemal bath robes that final finish, your Pestemal conference bags that personalised edge, and your Pestemal towels a stand-out style to your beach bar.

You will also find Aelia Anna Pestemals across the rest of the Aegean, Crete, and the Greek mainland, in neighbouring countries such as Italy and Cyprus, and further afield, as far as Australia.

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A fashion-setting product designed to promote your business.

A large range of superior quality Pestemal

Aelia Anna products are a fashion-setting product designed to promote your business with style and practicality. We offer you a large range of superior quality Pestemal towels, beach and bath products and a service tailor-made to your individual needs.

As well as customising the Pestemal products you purchase from us with your company logo, we also offer a business décor and display advisory service. Contact us to discuss your needs with us. We are just a click or phone call away!

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