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The original Pestemal beach towel

Easy dry, Wear or Carry. Handcrafted High quality cotton 100% beach towels.

Girl and towel
Two woman under towels
towel pattern
Girl and towel

Aeliaanna Memories Collection

Iinspired by Greek patterns and tiles. High quality cotton 100%. Handcrafted luxury home & beach products, easy dry, wear or carry.

Girl wrapped in towel in front of sea

So much more than a Beach Towel!

Aeliaanna home & beach products are all about Tradition meeting fresh modern design with an ellegant Mediterranean essence.

Girl and towel
Girl and towel
Girl and towel
Girl and towel

Aeliaanna Kamari Collection

Designed to embody the essence of Greece. High quality cotton 100%. Handcrafted, easy dry, wear or carry. Luxury products at home & at the beach.

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Well, whole and free, illustration

Girl wrapped in towels

Superior cotton, Pestemal quality

Highly evolved and highly versatile The Pestemal towel has been evolving over the last 600 years to become the towel of choice both for its highly absorbent properties, but also for its comfort and ease of use.

the towel designer, Aelia Anna

It's time to tell you the secret

"My journey with Pestemal started when I rediscovered a primary school friend I hadn’t seen in over thirty years. At our first meeting she gave me a Pestemal towel. I touched the fabric and loved it at once, feeling that it was somehow symbolic of having found my lost friend."

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